Snowing Blossom 3pcs

Snowing Blossom 3pcs
Snowing Blossom 3pcs Snowing Blossom 3pcs
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To delight your eyes as well as taste buds, the hand-tied tea Charming Blossom flower tea blossoming when added to water, revealing delicate flowers hidden within. The practice of hand-tied leaves into Charming Blossom flower teas is an age-old Chinese art form.

The tea mostly wrapped with fine quality silver needle white tea outside, inside either with white jasmine, chrysanthemum, rose, amaranth and many other flowers, bringing out subtle but distinct floral flavor. The combination of the flowers' captivating scent and the fresh high quality tea leaves produces a wonderful balanced aroma.


Snowing Blossom 心花放

-       chrysanthemum in the middle with Buddha's hand citron floating around, wrapped with silver needle white tea leaves

-       enhance metabolism, eliminate body harmful substances, stress relief


Brewing guidelines     

1 pc of tea bud in a 300 ml glass mug or pot ensuring sufficient height of water to let the bud unfurl, infuse with boiled water at 80℃, wait for 3-4 minutes in 1st infusion to see the flower magically blossoms, and gradually increase the time in next infusion. It can last around 3 infusions.



Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place away from sunlight.